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Alfa Elektro
Sanhua-Aweco group
DreamCommerce 2
IT Director Nowa Itaka Sp. z o.o.
SALESmanago Team

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  • We have been using 3S Company services for a few years. The first service which we launched in that period in the DC was a collocation service

    Then, we decided to transfer our server room's resources to the external DC mostly due to physical conditions.

    The longer with got to know 3S, appreciating their professionalism and good cooperation, the more decisively we started to consider the change of a service model into IAAS instead of a collocation service.

    Now, we are renting most equipment from 3S and basic engineering services. Such an approach allows us to focus on the application layer, leaving infrastructure and even virtualization under the professional care of 3S DC.

    We think that such an activity model allows us for using our own resources supplemented by engineering knowledge which we were not able to acquire on our own.

    In the forthcoming months we will be developing in direction in terms of new opportunities connected with increasing the physical number of DC facilities of our partner – 3S, which surely will be reflected even more efficiently in the improvement of data processing safety.

    Radosław Kamiński, IT Director, Alfa Elektro Security Admin Alfa Elektro
  • (...) I want to thank you for your outstanding
    support during the last weeks and especially the last two day nights.
    To start the final relocation process was for sure a big challenge,
    but with our great team, we survived and it seems, that we luckily arrived at the save
    harbor of 3S without any loss of data or loss of lifes.
    At the moment, 100% of our environment is operational!
    I am happy that we took the right decision to start a cooperation with
    3S company (...)

    Rainer Vitzthum, Head of Corporate Information Management,  Sanhua-Aweco group
  • 3S consists of the team of fantastic young people, always eager to help and to provide professional advice in each IT sector. They offer reliable services, while establishing a stable IT infrastructure worth trusting.

    3S means a good sense of humour intermingling with professionalism and great attitude to the Client.

    Bartosz Szlachta, IT Project Manager COVERIS RIGID POLSKA
  • Getin Noble Bank SA cooperates with 3S Group for over 10 years. (…) We can honestly recommend the cooperation with 3S Group within the scope of comprehensive data center services because it is a highly reliable and trustworthy business partner.

    Michał Cichocki IT Systems Administration and Operation Department
  • 3S means the combination of comprehensive knowledge, long-term experience and eagerness to support clients. The level of their services is very high. Collaboration with 3S is a good and positive relationship with interesting people based on the stable infrastructure. 

    Paweł Jaczewski, CTO iSystems iSystems
  • We have been using the services provided by 3S Data Center S.A. continuously since 2011. What I appreciate the most is high professionalism of the services and individual approach to clients and every implemented project.

    I can recommend 3S Data Center as a reliable partner within the scope of supplying data processing center and telecommunication services, as well as securing IT systems against malfunction effects.

    Arkadiusz Olchawa IT Director Nowa Itaka Sp. z o.o.
  • We cane describe our cooperation with 3S with all the perfection related expressions.

    It is a reliable company which we can do big deals with. You can always depend on them.

    Just perfect company - SALESmanago recommends it! :)

    SALESmanago Team

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